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Brb being a meme with a shitty voice

[Original meme by spearprison]

(BTW I recorded this on Raidcall so if it sounds bad that’s why)

Robot gets caught in Groundhog Day like time loop and realizes that it's photographic and video memory can record everything. So it makes amazing 3 dimensional photos of some split second events by looking at them from different angle after each loop and makes beautiful documentary about the town it's stuck in.



by 椎名林檎
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椎名林檎 - JL005便で preview.


New: Loire Granche Mermaid Skirt ロワール グランシェ マーメイドスカート BZ1435

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I have picked some beautiful entries from the Skill Cut-in drawing contest . For ElswordKR players, if you like one of these artworks, remember to vote. :3 You can click the picture to read my caption. 

I will post more entries later. :)

[Elsword-Hamel Navy Officer] 

[Aisha-Star Academy]

[Eve-Hamel Navy Officer]

[Chung-Hamel Navy Officer]

[Ara-Star Academy]

[Elesis-Gothic Loli]

[Add-Gothic Loli]





Mitch and I found a poor little brown bat that was injured due to the storm. As zubats, it’s our duty to protect our kin.

The bat was safely moved off the path and into some bushes where he could eat some bugs, warm up, and hopefully get back to flying soon!

This is the bat as we found. We quickly took a sad picture, and then Vervv went to go find help. I guarded the bat to make sure it didn’t get stepped as there was a 15k going on at the same time. 


:< Poor little babu. I hope he is doing better.

That Time Two Zubats Saved a Regular Non-Zubat

The next time you reach for that repel, remember that even horrible blind sky rodents look out for each other.

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unsurprisingly the claims that DNA which “proved” Aaron Kosminski was Jack the Ripper has been found to be unscientific

On Writing: Running from Nobles


Alright, I have to speak up in favor of princesses and noble ladies.  Too often I’ve read books where they want to escape their lives because they’re just so bored of needlepoint and…needlepoint.  And needlepoint.  Because apparently no one can think of anything else a noble lady might be engaged in.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the basic story of a noble lady (or lord) who wants to escape her or his life.  The grass is always greener on the other side, and all that jazz.  But this paint-by-numbers approach to it has to stop.

  • Tell me what they are, not what they aren’t.  Saying that a character ‘isn’t like other nobles’ or ‘doesn’t like such and such’ is next to useless.  It tells me nothing about them as a character; it only tells me what they’re not.  If all I know is that Princess Muffin doesn’t like to sew…I really don’t care.  Tell me what she does like.  Don’t tell me she hates all things noble and ladylike, tell me she has a passion for something outside her class.  Tell me what drives and motivates her, not all the things that have failed to do so.  If all I know about your character is their ‘nots,’ they might as well be a black hole of character development.  A character who goes to great lengths to leave a way of life based on a lack of motivation comes off as whiny, directionless, and quite immature.

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